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Do you accept NON-working PC Equipment?

Yes, we do.  We ask that there also be a mix of working units to help offset the cost of pickup. Contact us for details.

How do you certify that the data is destroyed?

All storage media follows the NIST 800-88 data security process.  If a drive cannot be verified wiped, it is physically destroyed.  We certify the data security of all storage media we process.  Please allow up to 30 business days for a certificate of Recycling and Data Security to be completed 

What about BIOS locked and Manufactured Locked (iCloud, Google, Samsung, etc) Items?

Please unlock / de-register any items before the pickup. Examples are: 

  • Tablets / Cell Phone – please make sure any manufacturer locks (iCloud, Google, Samsung, etc) are disabled.   
  • Laptops  – please make sure any BIOS locking service such as Computrace, are deactivated from the system
  • Chromebooks – please make sure they are removed from any enterprise accounts or registration 

Locked items will not count toward the minimums and fees may apply to locked items – please check with Memory for Memory before submitting any locked items.

Do you offer on-site hard drive destruction or erasure?

Yes, we do.  We can destroy or erase all storage media before your items leave your care, custody or control.

Do you accept CRT Monitors and Televisions?

We do not accept CRT Monitors or Televisions.  Fees apply to properly recycle these items. Contact us for details regarding processing fees.

Is there a fee to recycle?

In most cases, we will take away all the equipment you wish to process at no cost subject to a quantity minimum. There is a fee to recycle all CRT Monitors or Televisions. We do not pick up Flat Screen TVs at no cost.  Contact us with any questions. If you would like us to process your data tapes (LTO, 4MM, etc) please contact us in advance for a destruction quote.

Is there a fee to pick up the items?
Please contact us directly to learn more to see if you qualify for a free pickup
What if I just have one or two items?

If you have a laptop, tablet, or phone less than seven (7) years old you qualify for our mail-in program.  Simply pack your items for shipping and we will send you a pre-paid mailing label.  When you are ready, call USPS and they will pick up the item for shipment.  You can also take the item to the nearest post office and it will be shipped to Excess IT Hardware to be processed.

What areas do you service?

We provide nationwide and global service.