Data Erasure


Secure Data Erasure for Hard Drives and Computers


Data eradication via data wiping software is  one of the most effective ways of erasing recorded information from IT equipment. Excess IT hardware’s erasure software records information such as: drive size, unit serial numbers, processor speed etc. thereby providing a database record of all units it wipes. This means that the results of the data wipe process are completely documented.  This auditable provides an extra layer of security.

Once EIH receives clients hard drives and media for processing, the devices are sent through a rewrite procedure. EIH uses a NIST-compliant data erasure tool that completely disposes of stored data. The process ensures data is erased from the hard drive or data bearing asset.

EIH’s Data Erasure services meet or exceed the standards within

DOD 5220.22-M and NIST 800-88.

When electronic data is eliminated in adherence with these particular sets of standards, companies are ensured that all of their information is thoroughly destroyed and that their hard drives are either rendered unreadable or  physically destroyed.