Positive Impact / Donations


How we make an impact

As a Social Impact, mission-driven company, we believe doing good is a responsibility, and we plan to create more positive impact as we grow.   Old electronics have value. Some can be cleaned, repaired or sold, and others are torn down into basic parts. What EIH does is monetize these electronics and then put that money back to work in the community.

We are a team where everyone is working towards a common goal of creating something greater for the local and national community. As a Social Enterprise Company, EIH chooses to make a difference with our business model and process. As a result, 10% of each project is donated to a charity of your choice, or one chosen by EIH.

Excess IT Hardware donating laptops to Connect to Greatness


Hardware can be donated directly as well. Depending on what you are cycling out, we have a list of national groups, programs, and services that have specific hardware needs. Contact us to see if a cash or hardware donation may make a greater impact.

You can direct your funds to a charity or service of your choosing. We will make the donation, and send you a copy of the donation receipt as part of your project documents.

We choose to direct our giving to programs and services that focus on helping those impacted by and finding a cure for Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Organizations such as: