Hard Drive Shredding


Hard drive shredding can be performed at your location, or at an Excess IT Hardware Facility.  All hard drives and storage media are physically destroyed. Physical destruction is accomplished by crushing or shredding a hard drive.

02 / Standard 20mm – 30 mm Shred

Depending on the size of the project, either a mobile shredder (stand-alone) or a mobile shredder transported by truck will be required. Ideal for large projects over 2,000 drives.

03 / 2mm shred

Requires specialized equipment that shred the storage media into minute particles. Because of the size, this is the slowest process meets US National Security Agency standard for destruction of SSD-based storage media – – requires mobilization of specialized destruction device transported by truck.

Hard Drive Crushing

Each hard drive is crushed and destroyed. Up to 150 Drives Per Hour.